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What's Your Life Path?

Get Inspired. Explore. Connect.

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Polar Ice

Arctic and Antarctic glaciers, polar bears, and ice ages
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Ocean Engineering

Submersibles, underwater robots, new sensors, and renewable energy

Science Communications

Climate change, public awareness, and imagery 
STEM Life Paths
Programmer in Server Room

Math and Programming

Research data, statistics, engineering calculations, and global supply chains
Athlete with Amputated Leg

Medical Frontiers

Nanotechnology, ultrasound healing, and bioengineering
Hurricane Map

Marine Weather

Raindrops, storm chasing, and the global water cycle

What's a STEM Life Path?

STEM programs provide exciting, innovative opportunities to get out of the classroom, do something you love, and discover your life path.

Using the four principles of Science, Technology,  Engineering and Math, STEM programs give you creative, hands-on, in-the-field experiences that teach you how to solve problems in real world situations. This practical background helps you identify a "Life Path" that speaks to your heart and sets you up for an amazing career.

Light up your brain cells.  Think out of the box.  Start your own STEM Life Path.
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The U.S. Department of Commerce states that people in STEM fields can expect to earn 26% more money on average and are less likely to lose their job.

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The U.S. Department of Labor projects that 15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations require significant mathematics or science preparation—exactly what STEM provides.

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Throughout the 2020s, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 1,000,000 STEM jobs will be added. 

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women comprise only 27% of STEM workers, even though they represent nearly half of the U.S. workforce. STEM Life Path is determined to change that!

About STEM

How Does STEM Work?

STEM kicks educational traditions to the curb with a whole new way of learning. Tired of the classroom? Get out onto the ocean. Learn better by doing? STEM is all about getting your hands on.

STEM is an an interdisciplinary approach to education that combines the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Its hands-on, problem-based methods help students succeed in college and well into their future careers. 

A STEM-based education creates innovative, critical thinkers who are able to apply what they’ve learned to real world problems. This not only provides a tremendous advantage in employment amidst our increasingly knowledge-based economy, it results in an amazing "life path" that will keep you inspired about your job for decades to come.

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